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Our Meeting With SOS Inventory Software

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A Discussion About Inventory Software

Recently, we had a client who was needing help finding a new inventory software system. In addition to software implementation, this is a service we provide to many clients, and it’s called our Assessment Service. You can check out a video about it here.

As a part of the assessment, we always meet behind the scenes with several IMS providers that we believe would suit the client’s needs. Our goal is to pre-screen them to ensure that the software will indeed be a good fit for the client. I had a chance to listen to one of these meetings.

In this case, our software expert Lance was meeting with a representative from SOS Inventory management on the behalf of our purchaser to learn more about it. SOS Inventory has not been a main focus of ours in the past, but after doing some research they seemed like an excellent choice for what our customer was looking for. When searching for the right option for our clients, we don’t leave any software management system off the table.

We soon learned that SOS Inventory is an extremely cost-efficient inventory management software that is both flexible and user-friendly. The meeting felt like an interview process, where Lance was asking relevant questions for the client, and in return the SOS Invenetory representative was providing reasons why the service would benefit them.

First they discussed the size and scope of the project, making sure that SOS Inventory would be robust enough to handle workflow demands. They then discussed specific items that would be relevant for the client, such as work orders, barcode scanners, etc. and how these features are handled. Lastly they talked about more general needs that the buyer had requested and whether it would be a good fit.

Overall, the discussion was centered around practical tasks that the client had previously brought up as being necessary. Lance guided the conversation to ensure that everything the client had requested was being addressed. It was an honest discussion about the pros and cons that the software would provide to the client.

A Flexible IMS

Toward the end, Lance simply asked “Will this be a good fit for them?” The SOS Inventory representative affirmed that it would fulfill the needs that they were looking for, and believed that it would be an ideal fit for the client.

This is part of our standard process when meeting with potential inventory management software options on your behalf. You give us what you’re looking for, and we go out and find it. We narrow down and meet with potential IMS options to ensure that they will meet all of your needs and be the best option for your business. If you are interested in finding the inventory management system for your operation, we would love to help you.