Choosing the Right IMS Software

7 Steps to Purchasing the Right Inventory Software for SMBs

Record a Process Summary

After a 1-hour free consultation meet with us to participate in a thorough interview. To begin, sit down with our inventory management gurus. Walk through a process of discovery with them. We’ll record a summary of your entire process from sales to shipping. Then from purchasing to receiving. This will reveal your most pressing needs and your most basic ERP requirements. From there, we are ready to shop.

Hire Professional Shopping assistance

There are allot of Inventory management software to choose from. Some of them are specific to your industry but may be missing features critical to your needs. Others may not be specific to your industry but solve your most pressing requirements. We’ll narrow the list down to a manageable size.

Get an IMS Software Demo

Once the vast list of options is narrowed down to 1,2 or 3, it will be time for you to take a close look. The best way to begin looking at the software is with a 1-hour demo. Meet with use remotely over a screen share program. Walk through each screen touching on your most important requirements. Discuss cost, value and return on investment.

Pull the trigger?

Larger companies (15-1,000 users) generally have more requirements for their ERP system specific to their needs. Are you one of these? If, so consider testing a trial version of the inventory management software with a subset of your data. If you are a smaller company, this level of testing may not be required. It may or may not be time to pull the trigger.

Scope out the Project

Buying a new inventory management system is just the first step. Maybe even a more important step is the implementation. Brandow Consulting has helped over 100 companies implement an ERP system. For 13 years with small companies, we have experienced success and failure. We know what approach works and what doesn’t. We’ll choose from our network of relationships the right implementor for you. Let’s map out a plan that will assure your success with the software.


The cost of the ERP software is an investment. The cost of the software implementation is an investment and should result in a quick ROI. We’ll help you decide what cost will be reduced with the purchase and implementation of your new software. Stock outs and overstocks are expensive. They result in lost sales or lost cashflow. Even extra storage costs. Man power used to work spreadsheets and make complex forecast calculations to determine purchasing can add up. Your new inventory management software should reduce these costs. Also, automated e-commerce sales channels should not only decrease clerical costs, Shopping carts and integrations should increase sales by making the sales easy and convenient for the customer.

Buy with Confidence

We really believe most sales reps aren’t bad or dishonest. The want two things. They want you to be happy with your purchase. They want to make money. We think there are a few sales reps that have given the rest a bad name. Regardless, In the end it’s your responsibility to make the right choice. We are here to do the heavy lifting and reduce the risk of the purchase. We will do everything we can to assure you make the right choice.


Purchase with Cash, purchase with credit, or purchase with a payment plan. Even take advantage of government grants. There are many ways to pull the trigger. Let’s talk about it and decide the right approach for you.