Which ERP sofware best fits your business?

Gravity Software

Gravity Software is a Cloud based modular ERP solution for small to medium sized businesses.  Built on the Microsoft CRM platform, Gravity is designed to scale with your company as it grows. This sleek solution allows you to streamline and automate processes to meet the demands of your growing business for increased security and functionality. 

Gravity offers many features of an ERP system:

  • Accounting AR/AP management, class tracking with chart of accounts and financial reporting. 
  • Inventory management – Advanced Find Query – search data easily and efficiently
  • Complete Transaction Audit Trail – tracks all changes to data providing transparency and historical accuracy
  • Dashboards – create custom dashboards reflecting the data most critical to your organization
  • Dimensional or Class Reporting – tracks multiple facets of the data allowing for custom reports
  • Operational Metrics – 
  • Multi-Entity – one database, multiple entities so go global with ease with multi currencies, not just for your customers and vendors but for yourself.
  • Multi-Location Inventory – track products across multiple warehouses while preserving key bits of data at individual locations, with serial, lot expiration.
  • Average, Standard, FIFO, LIFO and Actual costing methods. 
  • Auditing, data integrity protection
  • Segmented Chart of Accounts – 

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Starts with Accounting and inventory, then add CRM, Time and Labor and others as needed.

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Net Suite

As per Techfino, “NetLedger, the original name for NetSuite was founded in 1998 by Evan Goldberg, which at the time offered web-hosted accounting management software. It’s widely recognized in the industry that NetSuite was the very first cloud computing software company, even pre-dating Salesforce.com by about one month”

  1. A true ERP system for all industry sizes. Large and SMB.
  2. No need to integrate with accounting software or CRM. That’s what true ERP means. NetSuite is inventory management, CRM and accounting all in one.
  3. Extensive reporting, analytics and KPI capability
  4. For retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers in distribution, eCommerce, restaurant and hospitality, media and publishing, professional services, for profit and not for profit organizations industries. If you run a business, any business, this software has a solution for you.

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