Which inventory software best fits your business?

Sixty percent of Cin7 customers manage inventory in their own warehouse. What do the other forty percent do? They use 3rd party warehouses services. Cin7 integrates with the most popular 3rd party warehouse software such as, 3PL Center, 24/7 Enterprises and Amazon FBA, just to name a few. Currently, 54 3PL software integrations are available to Cin7 users.

If you supply to large retailers such as Ace Hardware, Macey’s, Kohls, JCPenny, Walmart etc consider Cin7. It handles the EDI integration required by these big players.

  1. All web based inventory control and warehouse management for multi channel SMB
  2. Integrates with all QuickBooks versions and Xero
  3. Store front point of sale transaction capability
  4. Over 450 integrations including: B2B and B2C eCommerce integrations. EDI integrations, 3PL integrations, parcel and freight software integrations
  5. Multi entity capabilities for companies in multiple countries or established for multiple sales channels.
  6. World wide distribution grate for Apparel, beauty, furniture, food and beverage and appliances
  7. Lot number and serial number tracking

Built for manufacturers, MISys integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting software to help you improve production efficiency. It is a modular software that allows you to add functionality when you need it, and it’s scalable, so it will work for you as your business grows.

  1. Inventory management software primarily for manufacturers in the SMB
  2. Integrates with QuickBooks versions and Sage versions
  3. Automated advanced Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) for both purchasing and manufacture planning
  4. Serial and Lot number tracking to meet FDA requirements and manage recalls
  5. Location and bid tracking for inventory visibility and control
  6. Bar code tacking to reduce human error and improve accuracy
  7. Job forecasting and production variance reporting
  8. Mobile web-based interface
  9. Works for manufacturers in the following industries: electronics, food and beverage, auto parts, chemicals, health and beauty, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, industrial machinery and transportation.

Locate offers everything you need to manage levels of inventory accurately in your own warehouse(s) plus other warehouses. Locate was designed by a long-time Fishbowl Inventory expert and partner, George Keliher. He began working in a warehouse 30 years ago. Since then, he has helped hundreds of warehouses find success with inventory software. Locate is his final passion before retiring.


  1. Cloud-based with a two-way integration to QuickBooks hosting a chart of accounts
  2. Purchase order automation and tracking
  3. Barcode scan capability with mobile app included
  4. Estimates and sales order management with shopping cart integrations
  5. Parts and vendor parts with lot and serial number tracking
  6. API and reporting capabilities
  7. Light manufacturing

The 3PL Central Warehouse Management System offers the latest in warehouse management technology. If you are a smaller business that doesn’t own a warehouse, or you outsource the housing of products to a 3rd party, 3PL is an excellent software to consider.

  1. Integrates with all major market place shopping carts
  2. Integrates with QuickBooks and QB Online, and lets you create invoices that send automatically.
  3. Of course 3PL central integrates with Cin7 inventory software
  4. Transportation is managed with an integration with TMW Truckmate, automatically creating booking orders and helping ensure accounting is accurate.
  5. Integrate with all major shipping solutions that work with every major delivery company with giving you the ability to shop for the best shipping rates without leaving the platform.
  6. EDI solutions that are tailored to your workflow, and integrate with all the industry-leading EDI providers.
  7. Customization through their technical services team offers tailored solutions for logistics, product and software needs.

TradeGecko is powerful cloud-based inventory and order management software built for modern online businesses. It combines all your sales channels, locations and currencies so that every product, order and customer can be managed in one place.

  1. Create purchase orders, back-orders, stock takes and adjustments.
  2. Easily track pack sizes, batches and expiry dates across multiple warehouses.
  3. Manage invoices, shipments and payments in multiple locations and currencies.
  4. Create and save custom inventory and sales reports to track business performance and plan for growth.
  5. Built-in eCommerce platform lets you easily sell wholesale online.
  6. Custom design elements allow you to showcase your products beautifully.
  7. The robust mobile app lets you manage your business on-the-go.
  8. Accept one-click online payments, or create custom invoices.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale system is created by a company that understands business accounting well. If your industry requires you to collect payments, process sales, or update inventory, QuickBooks POS can help. It saves time and effort, reduces errors, and helps you prepare for tax time.

It has shortcuts and other time-saving functionality built in, and allows you to make sales as well as manage inventory and vendor relationships.

  1. Accept credit cards, debit cards, cash and more.
  2. Use a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet or barcode scanner to ring sales, or enter sales manually.
  3. Inventory is updated with every transaction, allowing you to watch levels closely and create up-to-the-minute reports.
  4. Track customer history and use customer loyalty programs to help boost repeat sales.
  5. Reconcile with QuickBooks in a single click to virtually eliminate errors and double entry.

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