What if there was software out there that totally fulfilled the top 6 manufacturing software needs so you—the manufacturers of the world—could do your jobs more effectively? Would you be interested in knowing what those needs are and how one single platform can transform your manufacturing and inventory business?

Read on.

The gold standard in software testing and surveying, Software Connect, just published its 2018 MRP Software Buyer Trends report. This in-depth report is filled with feedback from a group of 183 manufacturers, culminating in material requirements planning must-have list.

We know, it’s usually a top 10 list, but we stopped at 6. Here are your top 6 MRP software needs, according to, well, you:

  1. Purchasing planning—79%
  2. Demand forecasting – 76%
  3. Master production scheduling – 72%
  4. Inventory reservation and availability – 60%
  5. Production cost reporting – 58%
  6. Item price and stock tracking – 54%

It just so happens that Fishbowl, the world’s most robust, customizable inventory management platform, checks every one of these needs. Check it out.

Purchasing Planning

Easily set automatic reorder points in Fishbowl for every item in your inventory. This one function can help guarantee you’re ordering the right parts and products in the right quantities—and at the right time—to nail your supply/demand quotas.

Demand Forecasting

Fishbowl’s powerful forecast module uses historical data from previous sales and orders to predict upcoming trends. You know, like what a weatherman does for weather, except Fishbowl forecasts are right; and accurate forecasts means you’re living in inventory cloud 9.

Master Production Scheduling

Just like grandma’s wall and your iPhone, Fishbowl has a calendar module that helps you keep track of important events. Unlike grandma’s calendar, Fishbowl’s calendar works in coordination with production stages in a bill of materials to organize complex manufacturing jobs and make sure every step is completed in the right order.

Inventory Reservation and Availability

Fishbowl’s beautiful dashboards allow you to clearly see sales orders and what and how many items are committed to work orders.

Production Cost Reporting

This one requires a quick integration with Fishbowl Time and Labor and Fishbowl Manufacturing, and once it’s ready you’ll be able to track part costs and labor costs to get an accurate and complete snapshot of your total production costs.

Item Price and Stock Tracking

This is really easy: scan a barcode (or another identifying marker) to see it’s price and track in-stock quantities at one or many locations.

It’s really impressive—and even more rare—that one thing in business fulfills so many high-priority needs. That Fishbowl can do that for your manufacturing and inventory needs means you’ve found your one and only. So get a date set up with one of Brandow Consulting’s integration experts today and get your MRP software working for you.

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