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What is Onsite Fishbowl Inventory Training?


Fishbowl Inventory onsite training is a time to rocket your Fishbowl project forward at breakneck speeds. Do you need Fishbowl up and running yesterday? Fly a Fishbowl onsite trainer to your warehouse. We’ll help you create the needed synergy that was previously dormant. Many tasks can be accomplished during the onsite visit.

To name a few:

  • Setup
  • Process design
  • Training
  • Live conversation
  • Database rebuild

Whatever step you are on, a Fishbowl expert consultant will guide you through to the next step. You’ll find the confidence you’ve been searching for.

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Is Onsite Fishbowl Training Better Than Remote Training?


Onsite Fishbowl training is always more effective than remote training. The deciding factor is usually money.

If cost is a concern, we can accomplish a lot with a remote training session using online video calls and screenshare meetings. But, if your budget will allow, you’ll have a better experience working with an expert in person. Nothing compares to face-to-face communication!

To get the biggest bang for your buck, carefully plan out an agenda with our Fishbowl consultant to make the visit effective. A visit from a Fishbowl project manager at your location will provide insights that cannot happen any other way. An expert may notice issues on site that he could not have noticed otherwise.

The more we know about your company the more informed we can be to recommend best practices for your new Fishbowl Inventory setup.

Fly a Fishbowl expert to your facility. When we arrive, introduce us to the team and let us experience your culture. Next, we’ll tour your facility and walk through your processes.

We accomplish more as a group, so your staff members will be involved, individually or in small groups. There is a great benefit to having someone on location anywhere from 1 day to 14 days. Think about scheduling multiple visits for larger projects.

Ask us for a quote! If you already have a quote from another consultant, let us review it. We’ll meet or beat the price and offering!

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How much does Fishbowl Onsite Training cost?


Good news! We price match! If you have already been given an estimate from someone else for onsite Fishbowl training, simply email us the bid. We will meet or beat their Fishbowl onsite training price.

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5 for 5

Our best value! You get 5 days of onsite Fishbowl Inventory consulting for $5,000. Our expert will be at your location for 6 hours of consulting time per day for 5 days in a row. Travel expenses are billed after the trip.

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1-3 Days

Have an expert onsite for a full 8 hours per day for up to 3 days in a row. Includes remote time for preparation and follow up tasks. We’ll ask you to schedule time with your attendees and help us plan to discuss the correct topics with each group of employees.

Pricing varies based on location and number of days booked. Call us for a quote.

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4 for 4

Our 4-day onsite consulting package includes 6 hours per day with the expert, and is $4,000 upfront. Travel expenses are billed after the trip.

Don’t forget to shop and compare. Get the best deal! We will meet or beat any quote you bring us.

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What is accomplished during an Onsite Fishbowl Training?


Onsite training is a time for those in your company to work face-to-face with a Fishbowl Inventory consultant. You’ll be surprised at how much can be accomplished during the visit, even if it’s just a day or two. If you haven’t reviewed the 5 steps for a successful implementation, take a quick peek. Any of the tasks from those 5 steps can be expedited during an onsite visit.

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1. I.T. Infrastructure, Installation and Setup

We will assess your hardware and operating system to assure they meet Fishbowl’s minimum requirements. We’ll install all of the necessary software and assure it is successfully connected and syncing with integrated software. Assure everyone can log in.

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2. Practice File Setup

We will setup up a Fishbowl file with all required data for testing and training. We will then connect the practice Fishbowl file to a practice QuickBooks file and import Fishbowl data from spreadsheets or from QuickBooks. We’ll assure all the Fishbowl data you need is available and set up correctly.

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3. Process Design

A key person in your company will receive one-on-one Fishbowl training from a our expert. Together, we’ll design and document your processes and procedures relating to Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks use.

During this phase, we’ll test the practice file to assure it’s going to work in your day-to-day operations. You’ll walk through each one of your processes with a seasoned Fishbowl consultant, gain valuable insights, and make successful decisions.


Document Your Decisions

Your standard operating procedure (SOP) documents may include the following:

  • Sales order entry
  • Work order entry and scheduling
  • Work order starting and picking
  • Work order fulfillment
  • Sales order fulfillment (includes picking, packing and shipping)
  • Transfer order creation
  • Transfer order fulfillment
  • Purchase order creation
  • Purchase order fulfillment, which includes receiving and reconciling
  • AR and AP management of the bills and invoices Fishbowl sends to QuickBooks

These documents can be detailed with screenshots, numbers and arrows or can be simple and short. Once the documents are created, assign roles and responsibilities to each documented procedure. Your SOP documents can be used as training material and reference.

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4. Onsite Training

This is the most exciting part of the project! It can also be the most devastating if the previous steps are not complete. Fishbowl onsite training needs to be exciting to be a success. We want every Fishbowl user to have a good experience. Adequate, thoughtful preparation is required for training to be successful.

We receive phone calls from people who tell us a Fishbowl trainer came out for a couple of days, but they still don’t know what to do. Brandow Consulting will assure your onsite Fishbowl training is a success and valuable for your business.

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5. Going Live

Our last step is to convert the practice file to a live file. We’ll keep the good data and throw out the bad. The go-live day is exciting but can also be daunting. With proper and adequate preparation, the go-live day will be a welcome event.

Don’t schedule this day until process design is complete! Onsite Fishbowl training duration can be estimated, but steps 1-3 are difficult to determine precisely. Having a Fishbowl expert at your facility before flipping the switch can be a huge comfort. An experienced consultant can quickly turn a would-be emergency into a small speed bump.

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