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The #1 Manufacturing & Inventory Management Software for QuickBooks

Fishbowl Inventory is a feature rich, mature software.

It works for companies that have at least three employees hands in the inventory tracking system at a time. With the exception of recording vendor invoices, the bookkeeper will stay in QuickBooks most of the time. This is required to keep inventory values accurate. So, enter all your Sales Orders into Fishbowl. Once the Sales order is fulfilled, Fishbowl will create an invoice in QuickBooks. Enter all your Purchase Orders into Fishbowl. Once the Purchase Orders are received, Fishbowl will create Item Receipts or Bills in QuickBooks.

Most activities in Fishbowl are designed for the warehouse personnel, sales personnel, and purchasing manager. Warehouse staff will have rights to the receiving, picking and shipping screens. Sales will have rights to the sales screens. Purchasing will have rights to purchasing and the bookkeeper will have rights to accounting related activities. All tasks can be separated or merged depending on your client’s company needs. User rights are very detailed and wide spread.

We help you have a successful experience with Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks‘ clients who usually have between 5-200 employees or 3-50 users. Schedule a demo of Fishbowl. We’ll answer your questions and determine the best solution for your company. Once you have an estimate for hardware and sofrware, schedule a 1 hour free consultation to determine the cost and scope of your Fishbowl implementation project.

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