Brandow Consulting’s roots began with Lance Brandow working at Fishbowl Inventory.

He worked there from 2006-2009 as a support technician and trainer. From there he worked for NetPlus Consulting and Woodard Consulting learning the consulting methods and approach to helping Fishbowl customers. Joe Woodard introduced Lance to Method:CRM. He quickly became Joe’s lead Method:CRM consultant and Fishbowl Inventory consultant. In 2012 Lance founded Brandow Consulting. Joe remained his top customer for years while others such as Out of the Box Technology and MBSG developed long lasting relationships with Brandow Consulting.

Brandow Consulting began as a sub-contracting company geared towards empowering QuickBooks Pro advisors to offer top of the line Fishbowl and Method:CRM implementation services. Brandow Consulting recognized Fishbowl Inventory needed another CRM option and added a Method:CRM integration to Fishbowl.

Since 2006 Lance has helped, on average, about 12 companies per year implement Fishbowl Inventory. Mostly 5-20 user packages anywhere in the United States and Canada. Many are able to successfully implement Fishbowl Inventory with nothing more than a remote connection over GoToMeeting with Lance. There are 5 steps required to successfully implement Fishbowl Inventory. Over the years, through trial and error and expert advice from other consultants and Heavenly Father, Lance has discovered and proven these 5 steps to be essential.

Lance found Kendra around 2014. She was exactly what Brandow Consulting needed to help Fishbowl Inventory projects succeed. In order to successfully implement Fishbowl Inventory, custom programming is often required. Almost every project requires custom reports. Kendra came to Brandow Consulting with 20 years experience as a full stack developer.

She quickly became an expert in iReports and later helped create custom integrations to Fishbowl such as, ShipStation, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and Method:CRM.

Aaron compliments Brandow Consulting with his amazing CRM skills. As a former employee to Alocet, the makers of Method:CRM, he’s logged thousands of hours customizing Method:CRM. With Kendra’s knowledge of API integration and Aaron’s vast experience customizing Method:CRM, there practically nothing we can’t make Method do.