COMPANY: Nelson and Pade, Inc.

INDUSTRY: Agriculture, Aquaponics


  • Exponential growth requiring more efficient and accurate inventory tracking
  • A better way to monitor manufacturing projects and costs
  • Personalized training to begin using their new inventory/manufacturing software
  • QuickBooks accounting integration


  • Fishbowl Manufacturing software
  • Training and Consultation from Brandow Consulting


  • Inventory and Manufacturing activities are efficient and accurate
  • Costs of Inventory and manufacturing are under control
  • Employees are using Fishbowl Inventory effectively for their daily operations

COMPANY CONTACT: Nelson and Pade, Inc.

Nelson and Pade, Inc., Montelo, WI, helps people get started and become successful in aquaponic food production by providing comprehensive training, proven systems, and long-term support. Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® produce both fish and vegetables in one integrated, soil-less system, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

Due to the increased demand for Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.57.29 PMlocal, safe food and the recognition of Nelson and Pade, Inc. as the leaders of the aquaponics industry, the company has experienced exponential growth in the past five years. This growth has resulted in the need for more advanced software to manage inventory and mechanisms to facilitate efficient inventory and purchasing systems. In order to accomplish this, Nelson and Pade, Inc. purchased Fishbowl Inventory, a software designed to manage business processes.


Nelson and Pade, Inc. supplies their patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® to customers around the world. These highly productive systems with ZDEP® (Near Zero Discharge Extra Production) yield substantially more food in a given space than traditional agriculture. When combined with a controlled environment, aquaponics can be done in any climate, year round. In addition, nearly all water and waste from the system can be fully used, reducing or eliminating discharge. This integrated system requires a minimum of water, labor, and energy.

In Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®, fish are raised in tanks where they are fed a complete diet. The system water flows from the fish tanks to a series of filter tanks where the waste is converted by beneficial microbes into nutrients that plants need. The water then flows through massive water-filled plant beds. The plants grow on rafts that float on the surface of the water. The plant roots dangle into the water, drawing up nutrients and cleaning the water in the process. The water then flows back to the fish tanks, continuing the cycle.

In response to the increasing demand for Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems®, Nelson and Pade, Inc. purchased Fishbowl Inventory, a software that specializes in tracking company inventory and integrating warehouse systems such as receiving, sales, and purchasing. Nelson and Pade, Inc. hoped that Fishbowl could help them better manage their inventory, but they found the learning curve to be steep and the Fishbowl trainer unable to spend the time needed to fully train.


Nelson and Pade, Inc. needed to be able to use the new software effectively to better manage their inventory, so they contacted Brandow Consulting.

Lance Brandow, of Brandow Consulting, assisted Nelson and Pade, Inc. to properly configure Fishbowl and teach key personnel to use the software in a way that would best benefit their company. Since Nelson and Pade, Inc. needed to keep up with work and sales orders, they needed to know how to use the Fishbowl forecast reports that help manage and quantify their inventory. Brandow Consulting created work order reports that would fit the company’s needs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.05.04 PMTHE RESULT
Brandow Consulting was able to help Nelson and Pade, Inc. effectively learn the Fishbowl Inventory software, generate custom reports, and better schedule their inventory manufacturing and assembly, using custom reports and properly configured Bills of Material that were designed specifically for them. After the onsite consultation and installation, Brandow Consulting agreed to consult remotely when Nelson and Pade, Inc. needed further assistance. Nelson and Pade, Inc. can now more accurately forecast project delivery for its customers while maintaining manageable stock levels with greater confidence and comfort. Nelson and Pade, Inc. is truly an more efficient and stable facility since implementing these improvements with Brandow Consulting.


Brandow Consulting is a small business technology consulting firm specializing in Fishbowl Inventory and Method CRM, with over 9 years’ experience supporting QuickBooks professionals and their clients who use these programs.

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