Do you dream of being a business consultant?

Retail stores are fading while eCommerce warehouses are growing. More and more manufacturers and warehouse owners are jumping at the opportunity to sell their products online anywhere to anyone. Come join the ever growing future of business consulting. While working for Brandow Consulting, you will guide small to mid sized businesses on a path to success in their operations. Bring your business knowledge and entrepreneurial passion to help these companies succeed with a successful inventory software implementation. Setting the software up properly and using it properly is essential to their success. This is an overwhelming task for many of them.

Begin working 10-40 hours a week from an American Fork office or from home. Learn the inventory software program you’ll be assigned to and become an expert yourself. Work from home when you need to. Come into the office or join us for lunch for comradery and teamwork.

Learn our proven 5 step software implementation process. Guide companies through successful implementation projects. Help them create profitable workflow procedures. Manage 3-6 inventory software implementation projects at a time.


Professionally represent Brandow Consulting while working with warehouse managers, warehouse personnel, accountants, controllers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CPAs, IT personnel, referral partners etc. Help build Brandow Consulting’s team of individual inventory software consultants.


Bring with you a passion for consulting small to mid-sized eCommerce, distribution and manufacturing companies. Are you tech savvy AND personable? It’s a rare combination we highly value. Do you have the emotional stamina and intellectual intelligence to learn new software and teach that software to anxiety filled users? … and confident users? Do you have experience with inventory software as a support tech, trainer, consultant or implementer? Did you used to work for an inventory software company? Then you are a good fit! Can you humbly direct our customers’ teams’ persuasively: from the executives and owners to the pickers? Are you likable, teachable, smart and love to travel? You would eventually travel about every other month!

Apply today!

Additional Information

4 year degree needs to be in business management, accounting, supply chain management or similar. Preference will be given to a business managment degree or MBA.

Brandow Consulting helps QuickBooks users find the right inventory software and guides them through setting up the software. Then, we teach them how to use it successfully. We walk them through a 5 step implementation project.

  • Document Desired Overal Workflow
  • Create a Sandbox
  • Document Desired Individual procedures
  • Train and practice
  • Go Live

If you have 2 years of experience as an employee of any of the following or similar: Fishbowl Inventory, MISys Manufacturing, Acctivate, Katana MRP, Cin7, SOS Inventory, Advance Pro, Dear Systems, Unleashed, inFlow, Data Ninjia, SKUbana, 3PL Central, SKU Vault, Shopify, Shipstation, Trade Gecko/QuickBooks Commerce, QuickBooks Advanced Inventory, Locate Inventory or similar, then send us an application. We want to hear from you and meet you!