Services We Provide

Brandow Consulting offers expert implementation services for business software. Each one of our experts specializes in a different type of business software to assure you receive the highest quality guidance.

Aaron specializes in CRM. Lance focuses on inventory software. Kendra has been a developer longer than most people have been alive. Josh is our advanced certified QuickBooks trusted advisor. Together we can assure you receive the expert guidance you need to setup and use your business software.

In order to assure you have a successful experience with your business software you’ll need 3 things:

  1. Expert guidance for setup
  2. Guidance for training
  3. Custom reports and or programs.

Basically, in order to have a success experience with your business software, you have to set it up right and you have to use it right. We provide guidance in both of those areas.  We believe there are 5 steps to a successful software implementation.

  1. IT infrastructure setup
  2. Practice File setup
  3. Process Design
  4. Training and Practice
  5. Live conversion

Whether you hire us to help you or take on the project(s) yourself, those 5 things need to be completed to achieve the successful experience you desire.

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