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Get a quote for a custom report, template or label. Enjoy fair prices and quick turnaround. Do you have a mock up of what you want? Contact our expert report writer to get a quote. Do you need expert advice for designing a solution? Give us a call. (844) 839-4949. We’ll help you design the perfect solution. Our Fishbowl and LOCATE report writers and inventory software experts will help you with simple changes or advanced modifications.
The majority of inventory software users require custom reports. Don’t feel surprised. It’s normal. Fill out the contact form or give us a call. Standard Inventory Reports have a lot of options. However, the option you need, may not be there. 

Fishbowl iReports

Fishbowl uses a software called iReports by Jasper Soft to produce everything printed from Fishbowl. Fishbowl iReports can be a little overwhelming to learn. Therefore, we have designed Fishbowl custom reports for many companies in various industries. Our developers have been writing complex queries and code to solve Fishbowl reporting challenges for years. Finally, if Fishbowl Inventory doesn’t show something you need, our custom Fishbowl reports will pick up the slack.

LOCATE Jasper Reports

LOCATE Inventory has a wide selection of reports. Let us know which one is closets to your liking and how you want it enhances. We’ll give you a quote based on your description. Our turn around time is generally 3-5 business days for an average request.

SQL Query

Just need a simple query? We’ll help with that too. Tell us what data you want and how you want to view it. We’ll write a query you can run directly from the Fishbowl data screen. It’s less expensive than custom Fishbowl reports. For convenience, connect Fishbowl to Google Sheets or Excel as well. Run a query directly from Google Sheets or Excel. That way, you, your sales reps and customers will be able to view your data directly from Excel or Google Sheets.

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Traditional custom Fishbowl reports using iReports

New Custom BI Reports using the new screen released in 2018

The Fishbowl data the way you like to view it accessible online by all you want to share it with.

Refresh your data directly from Excel. Enjoy more space, more fields easily manipulated by Excel’s filter and sort options.

Select a Free Sample Below

Location Bar Code Tag

Location with tag number as barcode.

Modifed ‘2×4 Location Barcode Avery’ label without the location group. Readable across the warehouse!

QR Code Part Labels

QR Code part labels! You can filter these by words in the part descriptions to get what you need.

1×3 inch roll part labels you can filter by description

Shipping Label (2 per page)

Large 1/2 page shipping labels

Prints a shipping label for each carton

Deposit Invoice

Displays percent of invoice due.

Request deposit on an invoice controlled by entering a percentage in a report parameter.

Physical Count Variance

This is a grading sheet based on cycle count adjustment quantity and value.

Grades your inventory management accuracy by analyzing the difference between your inventory records before and after a physical count.

Price and Availability

A quote for the customer who would also like to know available quantities.

A pick report that includes price and subtotal by item status.

Shipping Label (6 per page)

Medium sized shipping labels.

Prints a shipping label for each carton

With more coming soon!


Below, you will find free report downloads compatible with Fishbowl Inventory version 2018. These are on the house! Most of them do not require custom fields. The reports with custom fields will not work until calibrated for your specific file. Instructions for installing the Fishbowl custom reports are included with each free download.

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