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inFlow is an SMB inventory management software and and order mananagement software used in over 90 countries worldwide. It acts as the central hub for any business that manages physical goods including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and more. In development for over 15 years, with 95 integrations, chances are it will work for your business too.

Inflow QuickBooks Integration

  1. Built in barcode generation, printing, and scanning
  2. Industry first showroom feature allowing you to create unlimited b2b portals controlling what customers see in terms of inventory availability and price
  3. Over 95 integrations including Quickbooks online, Xero, Amazon, Shopify, Fedex, UPS and more
  4. Android and iPhone apps allow you to buy, sell, and move stock with industry best mobile picking
  5. Industry best reporting allows you to slice and dice existing reports and create and save custom reports
  6. Easily track manufacturing costs, components with bills of materials, and work orders
  7. Ruggedized inFlow smart scanner hardware available for the complete inventory solution

Clock-like control and precision from anywhere with the cloud. From light Manufacturing to Wholesale to eCommerce, Order Time provides powerful control over orders, customers, and inventory. Access one easy-to-use cloud-based inventory control system from any device, anywhere in the world.

Order Time Inventory

  1. Order Management – Say goodbye to back orders. Order Time gives wholesale and distributors control and visibility over inventory, sales orders, shipping, and purchasing.
  2. Customer Management – Order Time allows for detailed customer management including leads, quotes, activity tracking, reporting and more.
  3. Inventory Control – Gain visibility and control over inventory movements from supplier to customer. Track inventory by location, bin, serial numbers or lot numbers.
  4. Lot /Serial Number Tracking – Order Time has the ability to track Lot and Serial numbers for items purchased, received, used in production and shipped to customers. The Lot/Serial # function also allows tracking of ‘items within items’. When items are received that have Lot/Serial #s, the numbers are recorded. You may also assign Lot/Serial #s on items produced or used on work orders and shipped to customers.
  5. Improve efficiency by automating your integrations – By automatically syncing inventory, orders, and data across multiple sales channels, suppliers, and fulfillment locations, Order Time gives you a holistic view and control of your business to cost-effectively increase efficiencies and scale your operations more intelligently.

Finale Inventory is an intuitive cloud-based inventory management system that is easy to use while designed to scale to the demands of a growing business. Finale removes the complexity of inventory management and easily handles all your stock movements from purchasing to shipping your orders. Finale is an ideal inventory solution for wholesalers, distributors, warehouse management, multichannel e-commerce sellers, and many other types of businesses.

Finale Inventory

  1. Track inventory operations at a single location or multiple location
  2. Supports many barcode configurations – whether you print your own, use UPC codes, or use serial numbers.
  3. Cloud-based design gives everyone 24/7 access to accurate, consistent stock level counts
  4. Turnkey mobile barcode solution eliminates errors and speeds up operations
  5. Martketplace Integrations, Shopping Cart Integrations, POS Integrations – updates your shared inventory to prevent overselling your products
  6. Official ShipStation Partner
  7. Product Kitting & Bundling
  8. Integration with Quickbooks Online and Desktop.  Finale codes your transactions so that you don’t have to perform manual transactions
Wherefour makes modern and affordable ERP and traceability software for companies that manufacture or distribute products. It offers accurate production costing, inventory control, start-to-finish™ complete batch and lot tracking, raw material traceability, MRP functionality, forecasting, and customer/vendor relationship management. 

Wherefour Software

  1. Manufacturing is King – Control production, manage costs, drive quality and safety, and segment one client’s inventory from others while giving them visibility into on hand amounts. Affordable and modern traceability for any type of manufacturing.
  2. Accurate and Continuous Costing – Know exactly what batches cost and what you need to charge clients to keep your business running.
  3. Breeze Through Audits –  Wherefour ensures every transaction is captured and correct, unlocking full reporting and total transparency for you and your auditors, inspectors and large accounts.
  4. Traceability You Can See – Track everything used in your operation by date, time, user, lot code, customer, and all associated costs. Generate full backwards to forwards reports with a single click.

Sellercloud is an e-commerce growth platform dedicated to helping online retailers meet the challenges of omnichannel selling. Our team is driven by a desire to help businesses grow. We want to make selling online simpler by crafting a personalized home for all your e-commerce needs. You can:


  1. Support product bundles and kits with single SKUs
  2. Keep track of your inventory across multiple warehouses in real time
  3. Track expiration dates, batches, lot numbers and serial numbers
  4. Support multiple currencies with integrated conversion rates
  5. Reporting features that helps you track sales performance
  6. Predictive purchasing feature so you always have inventory
  7. Manage fulfillment orders start to finish
  8. Fully manage order returns including labels, refunds and exchanges
  9. Set access permissions by employee
  10. Easily manage all catalog images

Cin7 Core is a robust cloud-based inventory software for QuickBooks.  You’ll benefit from order management, warehouse management and production management. Improve your inventory accuracy and enjoy easier purchasing decisions to reduce stock outs and over stock.

Cin7 Core (previously Dear Inventory Systems)

  1. Reorder with advanced purchasing an multi currency
  2. Easily track pack sizes, batches and expiry dates.
  3. Enjoy high volume point of sales features.
  4. Create and save custom inventory and sales reports
  5. Built-in eCommerce platform lets you easily sell wholesale online.
  6. Assemblies, BOMs, Production orders help you track your manufacturing
  7. Using the robust mobile warehouse app will reduce your latency and increase inventory accuracy.
  8. Accept one-click online payments, or create custom invoices.

Katana is MRP Software. Click here for Katana MRP pricing. Do you need production variations, options and custom work orders to automatically flow into your inventory softwae? When the options are selected in Shopify or other eCommerce platforms, those variations will flow into KATANA’s Sales Order and Work Order. This is KATANA MRP’s highlight.

Katana MRP

  1. Manage orders with estimates and sales orders
  2. Seemlesslly integrate with major eCommerce platforms
  3. Katana Strong manufacturing features include configurable BOMs
  4. Plan production using automation features based on ROP, supply and demand
  5. Light warehouse management
  6. Priced well for small companies under the $5M mark
  7. Integrates with QuickBooks Online
  8. Mobile shopfloor tracking

Built for manufacturers, MISys integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting software to help you improve production efficiency. It is a modular software that allows you to add functionality when you need it, and it’s scalable, so it will work for you as your business grows.

MiSys Manufacturing

  1. Inventory management software primarily for manufacturers in the SMB
  2. Integrates with QuickBooks versions and Sage versions
  3. Automated advanced Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) for both purchasing and manufacture planning
  4. Serial and Lot number tracking to meet FDA requirements and manage recalls
  5. Location and bid tracking for inventory visibility and control
  6. Bar code tacking to reduce human error and improve accuracy
  7. Job forecasting and production variance reporting
  8. Mobile web-based interface
  9. Works for manufacturers in the following industries: electronics, food and beverage, auto parts, chemicals, health and beauty, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, industrial machinery and transportation.

Advanced Pro Tech is a mature robust desktop based SMB inventory management software that’s been around since 2001.

Advance Pro Tech


  1. Robust android based WMS
  2. Barcode scan capability with mobile app included
  3. Purchase order management, automation and tracking
  4. Features focus on the apparel, footwear and uniform industries.
  5. Integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online
  6. Integrates with major CRM, eCommerce and Shipping platforms
  7. Sales features estimates, sales order and integrates with POS
  8. Parts and vendor parts with lot and serial number tracking
  9. API and reporting capabilities
  10. Light manufacturing for QuickBooks desktop users

Unleashed is an SMB system for inventory management for any business that makes, manages or moves products.

Unleashed Software

  1. Keep stock counts quick and stock levels lean, no matter how many products and warehouses you manage.
  2. Unleashed helps you avoid stockouts, raise sales orders in seconds, master margins, control stock across global supply chains, use advanced pricing strategies and more.
  3. Make complex manufacturing processes transparent using Batch Number Tracking and Serial Number Tracking, Assemblies, Auto-Assemblies and Bills of Materials.
  4. Manage multiple warehouses from a single system, buy and sell in any currency, simplify stocktakes with barcode scanning and more.
  5. Know how you’re performing at all times with up-to-date KPIs across your business with the Business Intelligence tool. Easily view and drill into your data to see what’s driving performance and opportunities to optimise.
  6. Use Unleashed across your sales channels to alleviate admin. Give salespeople the live inventory information they need to close on the road with the Unleashed Sales App. Enable trade customers to self serve with the B2B Store, drastically reducing time spent on each sale.
  7. We use enhanced security features such as 2-step authentication and account controlled user access to help you keep your sensitive business data and your users secure.

The most popular inventory software for QuickBooks. Fishbowl is a robust SMB inventory software company providing many solutions: Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Warehouse, Fishbowl Online, Fishbowl Time and Fishbowl hosting services to name a handful.

Fishbowl Inventory

  1. Fishbowl’s main menu item is it’s unique pick management screen
  2. Integrates with all QuickBooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online and Xero
  3. Store front point of sale transaction capability
  4. Integrates with all the popular eCommerce platforms and shipping software
  5. Robust warehouse management with barcode scanning
  6. Automatic purchasing and production planning capability
  7. Lot number and serial number tracking

SkuVault is an SMB inventory and warehouse management solution. We connect channels, organize warehouses, optimize labor and manage inventory efficiently with powerful integration and simple workflows. We solve the most difficult challenge in omnichannel & eCommerce fulfillment: managing and tracking inventory at scale.


Our key features include:

  1. The ability to use barcode scanning.
  2. Using a Quality Control feature to help eliminate mis-ships.
  3. Tracking using lots and Serializations
  4. Efficient workflows and routing during the picking and packing process.
  5. The ability to track and create kits and bundles
  6. Open API and native integrations so you connect into your current tech stack.
  7. Advanced reporting to help grow your business

Acctivate is a robust desktop based SMB inventory management software


  1. Enjoy landing costs even after your parts are consumed
  2. Integrates with QuickBooks desktop only
  3. Acctivate is unique in that it accomodates for multi unit of measure commonly needed in the meet packing, lumber and steel industries.
  4. Serial and Lot number tracking to meet FDA requirements and manage recalls
  5. Location and bid tracking for inventory visibility and control
  6. Bar code tacking to reduce human error and improve accuracy
  7. Job forecasting and production variance reporting
  8. Mobile web-based interface

Doesn’t exist anymore. Xero purchased LOCATE for their talent only. The software will be sunsetting in October of 2022. Let us help you find an alternative.

Locate offered everything you need to manage levels of inventory accurately in your own warehouse(s) plus other warehouses. Locate was designed by a long-time Fishbowl Inventory expert and partner, George Keliher and his team.


  1. Cloud-based with a two-way integration to QuickBooks hosting a chart of accounts
  2. Purchase order automation and tracking
  3. Barcode scan capability with mobile app included
  4. Estimates and sales order management with shopping cart integrations
  5. Parts and vendor parts with lot and serial number tracking
  6. API and reporting capabilities
  7. Light manufacturing

The 3PL Central Warehouse Management System offers the latest in warehouse management technology. If you are a smaller business that doesn’t own a warehouse, or you outsource the housing of products to a 3rd party, 3PL is an excellent software to consider.

3PL Central

  1. Integrates with all major market place shopping carts
  2. Integrates with QuickBooks and QB Online, and lets you create invoices that send automatically.
  3. Integrates with Cin7
  4. Integration with TMW Truckmate, automatically creating booking orders and helping ensure accounting is accurate.
  5. Integrate with all major shipping solutions that work with every major delivery company, giving you the ability to shop for the best shipping rates without leaving the platform.
  6. EDI solutions that are tailored to your workflow, and integrate with all the industry-leading EDI providers.

Sixty percent of Cin7 customers manage inventory in their own warehouse. What do the other forty percent do? They use 3rd party warehouses services. Cin7 integrates with the most popular 3rd party warehouse software such as, 3PL Center, 24/7 Enterprises and Amazon FBA, just to name a few. Currently, 54 3PL software integrations are available to Cin7 users.

If you supply to large retailers such as Ace Hardware, Macey’s, Kohls, JCPenny, Walmart etc consider Cin7. It handles the EDI integration required by these big players.

Cin7 Omni (previously Cin7)

  1. All web based inventory control and warehouse management for multi channel SMB
  2. Much more robust than QuickBooks online inventory management
  3. Store front point of sale transaction capability
  4. Over 450 integrations including: B2B and B2C eCommerce integrations. EDI integrations, 3PL integrations, parcel and freight software integrations
  5. Multi entity capabilities for companies in multiple countries or established for multiple sales channels.
  6. World wide distribution grate for Apparel, beauty, furniture, food and beverage and appliances
  7. Lot number and serial number tracking

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Do I need ERP?

ERP simply said is an all in one business management software. There are many types of business segments that require management whether you provide products or services. The major types are: marketing, accounting, operations and HR. The types of software that manage these are: CRM, accounting, inventory management and labor tracking. CRM keeps track of business contacts such as leads, customers, vendors. Then tracks the conversion from leads to customers. Inventory management begins as a tool to control inventory, then expands into other areas of more specific inventory related tasks. Accounting software helps manage AR and AP. It helps executives and directors make sound business decisions by providing financial reports. Labor tracking software can manage time entries and or payroll of internal production labor or external services you provide.

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Enterprise refers to the all in one characteristic of the software. Resource can refer to the human resources, plant space resources, production machinery or inventory resources. Planning looks at the management of those resources in all departments, the planning and historical performances.

Not Inventory Software

ERP is a term commonly used to refer to inventory software, but it’s not inventory software. The inventory features are only a part of a true ERP solution. An ERP software is much more expensive than an inventory software and takes longer to implement. An ERP software would replace QuickBooks. An inventory software would connect to QuickBooks.

Examples of ERP software would be: SysPro, Acumatica, SAP, NetSuite, odoo or Dynamics.

Examples of inventory software would be: Fishbowl Inventory, MiSys Manufacturing, Advance Pro Tech, Acctivate, Cin7, Dear Systems, Unleashed, Zoho, SOS Inventory, Data Ninjia, Katana MRP, QStock, SKU Bana, 3PL Central, inFlow and QuickBooks Commerce.