QuickBooks Desktop

The desktop version of QuickBooks is proven software with a full range of accounting functionality. It is an excellent option for retail stores or any business that manages large amounts of inventory.

  • Data Entry: Invoicing, timesheets and transactions can be done in batches, and you can pay vendors online.
  • Job Costing: Track mileage, payroll, and change orders, and create job costing reports.
  • Reporting: Includes industry-specific, forecasting, balance sheets, and business planning reports, with some ability to customize the look of your reports.
  • Inventory: Set reorder points, calculate average costs, create sales and purchase orders, and more.
  • Accounting: Data review and restore from backup features help you clean up mistakes.

QuickBooks Online

A great choice for most businesses, the online version of QuickBooks becomes more robust every year, as Intuit adds more features. While the desktop version is more powerful, the availability of 3rd party apps fills in most of these gaps, making it an ideal accounting solution.

  • Automation: Automatically schedule and send transactions, and add them to the register.
  • Attachments: Add documents, images, signatures, etc. to transactions using either phone or computer.
  • Reporting: Track by location, create audit logs, or design management reports for presentations and analysis.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with many 3rd party apps.
  • Customization: Set custom banking rules, create multiple budgets, and connect with other tools to make the software suit your needs perfectly.

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