QuickBooks Condense

Inventory based companies grow out of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is limited in the number of items, customers, vendors and employees it can handle. Some performance degradation ensues as the lists approach these size thresholds. Inventory based companies are notorious for pushing QuickBooks to its capacity limits. Adjustments made to inventory through receiving, picking, shipping, and cycle count adjusting will build up over time.

Large, bloated QuickBooks files often become corrupted

Allowing the file to become too large often causes data corruption. Once the damage is done, we need to fix QuickBooks. This is done by performing maintenance and preventative maintenance. To fix QuickBooks we fix the data corruption and condense the file. The next step is to connect separate inventory software to handle the heavy lifting.

DIY can be tricky and worrisome

Fixing and condensing your QuickBooks file yourself may cause a bit of anxiety. We understand this. It can be scary fixing, condensing and shrinking a file your company relies on. What if something goes wrong? What do you do? We have helped dozens of companies condense and fix their file. If it can go wrong, we’ve seen it. It is our joy and our passion to solve your problems in a professional and timely manner.

Most companies we help come from QuickBooks

In 2019 Joe Woodard estimated the total number of QuickBooks users to be 5.5 million. About 70% were using QuickBooks desktop, 30% were on QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks is a great way to get started. Simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use and an expert trainer found on every corner.

QuickBooks may have been made for inventory accounting, but QuickBooks wasn’t originally made for inventory control. Inventory control, inventory accuracy and inventory planning were not at the forefront of QuickBooks features. QuickBooks relies on 3rd party inventory software to handle the heavy lifting.

QuickBooks lacks robust inventory features

Don’t get me wrong, the basics are there and QuickBooks is a great way to begin. However, companies who need expiration date, lot number and/or true serial number tracking aren’t going to find it in QuickBooks. You may have noticed the picking and manufacturing features in QuickBooks are minimal. If you’re growing and manage your own inventory, eventually QuickBooks won’t cut it for you.

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