Integrated Management System

What is IMS?

Integrated management system is IMS. This is a common setup for SMB. In an IMS environment, each segment of business and ERP would manage is managed by separate software. In an IMS environment, the CRM would be Method:CRM, Sales Force, Sugar, Zoho or Hubspot for instance. The accounting would be managed by QuickBooks, Xero or Sage. Inventory would be managed by Cin7, MySys or Trade Gecko. Time and labor could be tracked by When I Work, Tsheets or Clock Shark. Each segment of the business is managed by a separate software program. All software programs are connected by integration through the software’s API.

Many integrations are built into the software. As the need arises the software company will add an integration to another software. It’s critical that all required data flows from the proper fields to the proper fields at the correct time in the business workflow process. Where the desired software programs don’t have the syncing capability required, a 3rd party custom development engineer is brought in to write the code necessary to bridge the gap.