Repair and Rebuild

QuickBooks Rebuild

Is your file blotted? Has it crashed for no apparent reason? How big is it? If you answered, “yes” to any of those questions you may need to repair and condense your QuickBooks file. Then start shopping for an inventory software to do the heavy lifting and handle some of the high volume of transactions. QuickBooks desktop is limited to its number of transactions, it’s size and even it’s list type tables. Customer and Vendors max out at a certain quantity.

Inventory Software

Unfortunately, many people find us after they have had a bad experience with someone else. Surprisingly, often the developer of the software isn’t always the best at implementing their own software. Or… some hired a local IT guy or a local ambitious consultant and had a bad experience. Inventory software implementation for companies with over 10 users shouldn’t be underestimated. The inventory software implementation project will take and experienced specialist.

Following our proven 5 step process we will assure you are back up and running. Don’t despair. No need to throw your computer threw the glass window in front of you. Take a deep breath. Count to 5 or 5 thousand and give us a call.

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