Successful Inventory Software Implementation

50% of ERP software implementations fail industry wide. Hire an implementation company with a proven track record.

Follow these steps for a successful implementation.

5 Proven Steps to a Successful Inventory Software Implementation

Implementation begins after selecting the right software –

There is a slew of software to choose from. Narrow down the list. Play with the free trial copies. Assure you have done the necessary due diligence to start out on the right foot.

1. Document Desired Workflow –

Begin with the end in mind. Collectively, with your inventory software consultant, decide the best way to use the software to best accomplish your goals and tasks.  Document these best practice decisions. Assign roles and responsibilities to each major step of the workflow.

2. Setup a Sandbox –

Don’t jump yet. Setup the file with the intent to test and practice. Connect it to a copy of your accounting software. You’ll be glad you did. The data you put into the test file can be moved to the live file later.

3. Document individual procedures –

Using the overall workflow document as a guide, create a procedure for each step.  Write each specific step and include snipits or snagits from where needed. Test the procedure in the sandbox and make adjustments to the sandbox settings as needed. Introduce the user or the supervisor to the procedure and get feedback. Update the procedure document as needed.  Then test each step in the practice file. These documents will be used as SOPs and/or training material for the next inventory software implementation step.

4. Train and Practice –

Using the documents, train each individual on how to perform their new task. Give them adequate time to practice. Create a network of accountability. Update the process documents as needed.

5. Go Live! –

Create a new blank file or account. Migrate the list type data from the practice file to the new file or new account. Select all the configurable default settings. Import live inventory data and all open orders. Connect to the live accounting software. Begin entering new live transactions.

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