It is recognized by most inventory management specialists that QuickBooks is not meant as a standalone warehouse management solution. Instead, it shines primarily as an accounting solution. Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing are needed to handle the inventory logistics that QuickBooks is not set up for. This explains the popularity of Fishbowl with QuickBooks’ users.

Here are ten things that Fishbowl does that QuickBooks doesn’t:

  1. It can build bills of materials for a multitude of job types, and not just for basic assembly.
  2. It can construct work orders for replacement jobs, repair, perform disassembly, and simple and multistage assembly; and then group them together to produce manufacture orders.
  3. Instead of only being able to scan existing barcodes, Fishbowl can also generate and print brand new barcodes.
  4. Along with using Average Cost  and First in First Out (FIFO), Fishbowl is able to use Last in First Out (LIFO) and Stand Cost methods.
  5. Put several orders into a single kit, and then add that kit to any sales order.
  6. Not only can Fishbowl track serial numbers and lot number, but it is also able to track warehouse parts by expiration dates and revision levels. But that’s not all: because of its Custom Fields feature, you will be able to set up virtually all other criteria in tracking that you want.
  7. As for product returns, replacements, refunds, and repairs, Fishbowl is thoroughly capable of issuing Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
  8. QuickBooks Enterprise can handle production stages in manufacturing to note how far along products are to completion, but other QuickBooks versions do not have that capability. Every Fishbowl app, however, does have that capability.
  9. In order to move parts and products from one warehouse to another, or to a non-warehouse environment, Fishbowl uses transfer orders instead of invoices.
  10. Fishbowl has cost-plus prices that offer significant discounts on products, as well as group pricing with a percent discount — and dollar amounts can be taken off of most prices.


There’s no doubt that QuickBooks is a prerequisite when it comes to common bookkeeping, but when you add Fishbowl to the equation you get unparalleled inventory control and warehouse management. So talk to your Fishbowl consultant today to see how he or she can bring your warehouse department up to new standards of efficiency and profitability!

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