Brandow Consulting is notorious for customizing your Fishbowl CRM experience to really transform how you view and manage your inventory.

And if inventory is your life, here are three ways your life’s about to change for the better. You can thank us later.

  1. Automation. Forget Excel. It’s so 80s Microsoft, and that’s no way to place orders and manage your inventory in 2018. Move beyond the white abyss of columns and rows and dive into Fishbowl‘s 21st-century suite of dynamic reports, custom modules, and impactful dashboards.
  2. Speaking of ReportsAnalyzing data used to be a practice of the rich and famous, like that guy from Wolf of Wall Street. But now if you don’t analyze data your inventory—your business!—dies. A slow, painful death. Fishbowl custom reports give you valuable insight into business trends in sales, purchasing, warehouse layout, etc., to help you make the best inventory decisions in real time, at the speed of business.
  3. Barcode ScannersYou would think that since barcodes have been around since the mid-1970s that nothing with the word barcode would be on a current list of life-changing solutions. But, you’d be wrong because barcode scanners integrated with Fishbowl will totally transform your inventory management processes. The barcode scanner kicks everything into high gear—from picking, packing, and shipping items—and puts the inventory movement literally in your suddenly more efficient hands.

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