There’s nothing quite like managing a warehouse; it’s an overwhelming task that probably feels like parenting a toddler. Like parenting, without the right tools, everything can fall apart. As an inventory management software, Fishbowl, can make the overwhelming task of warehouse management a stress-free practice.

If you’re like many business owners, you need to know the ins and outs of product shipments. Thankfully, there are tools readily accessible that can assist you with warehouse supply shipments.

A barcode tracking system is a modernized way to track inventory. Fishbowl has specific features that allow you to access real-time updates on how many items are available for a particular company product.

Bills of lading refer to the documentation of a shipment and when it reaches its destination. Similar to a manifest, bills of lading keep an eye on what products are on which trucks. Also, speaking of keeping an eye on things, inventory counts can prove to be essential to your business.

Physically counting inventory, done on a quarterly or monthly basis, ensures that the numbers are reflecting what is present on computer records. Do inventory counts as frequently as you’d like, but if employees are having a hard time with an electronic system, they may need an increase in frequency.

Speaking of electronic, using an online tracking tool can centralize your inventory management and shipping into one convenient system. Utilizing an online tracking system can improve not only your business but customer relations. Real-time shipping updates can give you and your customers a peace of mind knowing where a package is and when it is set to arrive.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to warehouse supply shipments. An investment in Fishbowl can not only give you simplicity but expert advice on improving your business operations.