We help our customers understand how to use Fishbowl, however we do run into situations where there are common mistakes repeated by customers across a large spectrum of services. Here are just a few of the most common fishbowl errors, and how you can avoid them.

Forgetting to Integrate Fishbowl and QuickBooks

One of the common errors we find people tend to repeat if failing to integrate the two programs and to reconcile them before they go live. If you do not do this, you will have issues with operating transactions being recorded accurately.

Editing Inventory Transactions

Fishbowl and QuickBooks can work hand-in-hand, but you want to make your edits in Fishbowl for inventory transactions. If you edit in Quickbooks, it can cause problems with the ledger and it doesn’t communicate them to Fishbowl, leaving you with numbers that do not compute properly.

Inventory Mapping Error

Another common problem is when inventory is not mapped to the right account. There is default mapping and the individual part mapping. Sometimes people will sign up individual accounts and map them to the wrong place. Inventory must go to inventory asset accounts if you want to track it properly. For non-inventory parts, map them to expenses of COGS. Call our office if you are still having issues with Inventory mapping.

Purchase Orders Without a Dollar Amount

Another common problem that occurs is when people create purchase orders but they fail to input the cost. What happens is there tends to be miscommunication about the accounting dollars and the product quantities. Call our office to learn more about creating purchase orders and how to assign them to inventory before accounting reconciles the bill against the receipt.

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