What are your Fishbowl reports goal? If you want to help your business make an impact when sending out documents to the customers, creating custom reports is the best solution. At Brandow Consulting, we are here to guide you through custom report generation. Here are some of the important regulations and requirements we consider when consulting with you about Fishbowl reports:

Reason # 1 – Custom Reports – Integrating with Excel & Webpages

Using OBDC technology, we are able to create custom reports that integrate with excel and webpages. Using custom reports makes product catalogs, estimates, and sales orders cleaner and more precise. You can even use your own colors, images, and custom fonts to make your reports stand out.

Reason # 2 – Regulatory Documents & Forms & Purchasing

Another reason to start using custom reports is for regulatory documents and forms. Pro-forma invoices, shipping invoices, certificates, and more. You can even create compliance documents and pedigree reports for tracking and monitoring.

When it comes to purchase planning, it helps to know who you need to buy from. Custom reports allow you to see the who, what, when, and how much of purchasing.

Reason # 3 – Sales Monitoring and Performance Evaluations & Planning

Custom reporting allows you to dive into your sales and set up reasonable goals. You can finally understand how sales works within your company and create commission reports, statements, and more.

Create custom WO travelers and BOM Reports. The program assists with inventory analysis reports and advanced manufacturing performance.

Reason # 4 – Barcoding and Labeling

We can help you create custom barcodes and labels for your products, shipping, receiving, EDI ASN, and more. We can even show you how to use Fishbowl label printing software to make it easier!

Start Creating

Whether you need a simple tweak or quick change to your existing Sales Order and Purchase Order forms, or you want to create custom reports, Brandow Consulting is here to help. We have created custom reports for almost every industry. Call our office for more information about custom fishbowl reports and get started!

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Do you need help testing reports and updating your Fishbowl software? Do you want help deciding when to update?

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