Factory managers are feeling the pinch as supply and demand continue to seesaw during these confusing economic times. Inventory management and warehouse management are also directly affected at the factory level. It takes outstanding software and experienced consultants to help maintain the flow of goods and services in a manner that will keep companies not just afloat but steadily gaining in value while making a good profit. Brandow Consulting offers the best kind of hands-on training and advising to keep your warehouse inventory efficient and timely.

They are very familiar with the following challenges that face factory management today, and can be of huge service in overcoming them:

  • Mining big data profitably is a hurdle that all managers face today. Advanced predictive software can be a big help in counteracting the price cutting agendas of foreign factories and the often bewildering regulatory and tax demands here in our own country. Smart managers know that big data contains many nuggets of pure gold, and leave it to the experts to extrapolate it for the benefit of the company.
  • Being in compliance is becoming harder and harder, as the rules and regulations seem to grow by leaps and bounds. Do you know all the government regulations pertaining to your factory’s production and products? Who oversees your warehouse and inventory management? This is especially important when inventory includes either hazardous or perishable items. It’s always best to strive for complete transparency when dealing with regulations on any level. Ignoring a state regulation can result in fines just as bad as if it were a federal or international regulation.
  • Sustainability is now a part of being in compliance in most states and countries. Everything from recyclable paper towels in the restrooms to restrictions on certain chemicals that are common in every industry is under guidelines at some level of government. Being green means being in compliance. And if done right, can also bring about savings for the company.
  • Employee retention remains a thorn in the side of many factories and warehouses. After you’ve hired good staff, how do you keep them? Investing in an employee, only to see them leave after a year or two is a frustrating waste of time and money. Continuous in-house training and competent team leadership are two things every warehouse can do to keep employees satisfied and hopeful for the future of their careers with the company.
  • Staying innovative is a challenge in any business. The rate of expansion in technology and cyber strategies has become breathtaking. To keep on top of the ever-growing knowledge base is like trying to ride a greased bottle rocket. Keep abreast of what is impacting your factory and inventory with memberships in specific professional organizations — especially those that take the time and trouble to send out email alerts and professional newsletters. Don’t be afraid to take a good look at what your competition is doing, and how they’re doing it. What works for them can work for you!

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