For the best in wireless inventory solutions Fishbowl is now offering Fishbowl Go.

It uses a barcode scanner to greatly reduce the chance of an accounting error, and it also boosts inventory efficiency into the stratosphere. Inventory accuracy is also increased by at least double. Any mobile device that uses an Android system of operation can be used; it also meshes well with tablets and laptops. This great new app also is set up to integrate smoothly with Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing.

Brandow Consulting is very excited about this new app, considering it a powerful new tool to help in warehouse management and inventory management. Here are just a few of the things this fabulous new app can do:

  • Based solely on physical inspection, the app is able to cycle count your inventory in any warehouse to update product quantities in real time.
  • You can update your inventory records easily by the scanning of barcodes to expedite the receiving of inventory via Fishbowl Go and its receiving module.
  • To help you easily find your way through your own warehouse, and to be able to pick more than just one inventory order in rigid sequence, Fishbowl Go will pick orders via product scanning with its Picking module.
  • Simply by typing in the SKU, serial number, expiration date, or lot number, you can retrieve partial information — or, even easier, you can just scan each inventory item’s barcode.
  • To help you intensify your accounting of inventory, Fishbowl Go lets you transfer inventory between or within a warehouse or from one warehouse to another  and then record all of the product movements in real time.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Fishbowl Go can update all your work orders as they are completed; this means your records of manufacture will be continually updated without any gaps.