The hue and cry of businesses across the land is:

No more bells and whistles! No more smoke and mirrors! Give us applications and programs that really do something, and can save us money!

This is especially true when it comes to warehouse management and inventory management. These are sections of the business world where time is literally money, and where wasted motion is the bane of every warehouse and inventory specialist’s existence. If you work with inventory or in a warehouse you know exactly what this paragraph is talking about. Customers want their items delivered yesterday, and your boss wants you to do it all on a modest budget.

How can you hold it all together and still get an acceptable ROI from new software and hardware investment?

Well, like the old radio announcers used to say, there’s good news tonight!

Fishbowl’s inventory management tools include an ROI application. This tool shows you how to calculate the amount of savings you’ll garner when you implement their program(s) into your inventory and warehouse infrastructure. Not only that, but it will tell you exactly how long it will be before you recoup your initial investment. The results will most likely leave you pleasantly surprised.

Once you have this tool you can input dozens of categories to see your savings.

Here’s a few dozen you can try; and these are not by any means ALL of them. Your friends at Brandow Consulting can help you discover many more! Use this free trial link to see how it could work for you.