There’s a lot of truth in the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This is especially true when it comes to inventory control and inventory management. Any Fishbowl consultant will tell you straight out that some things don’t necessarily need to change completely in the warehouse business — they just need to be kept up to speed!

Consider these four traditional warehouse strategies, to make sure you’ve got them going at full speed:

Digital Photos.

Are you still relying on organizational techniques such as vertical item stacking and location categorizing? This is a tradition that is fast being supplanted by newer techniques in the most efficient supply chains. Specifically — digital pictures. This is an outstanding way to visually verify what’s inside a crate or box without having to pry it open. Remember, in a busy and chaotic warehouse a box or bin can be accessed dozens of times a day, so doesn’t it make sense to just put a photo of the contents on the outside of the crate?

The Mighty SKU Tag. 

The best thing since sliced bread, as far as warehouses are concerned, printed barcodes, or SKU tags, are extremely accurate and reliable — reducing human error and increasing accuracy. They also reduce employee workload and the amount of time it takes to train a new hire. They are usually inexpensive to design and print as well. With this flexible and traditional tool any warehouse can adjust and improve their SKU tag designs according to their own specific needs.

WMS Stands for “Way More Speed”!

Not really, of course. It actually stands for Warehouse Management Systems. But there’s no doubt that the right Warehouse Management System will speed things up in your facility and make inventory and warehouse managing much more efficient. Warehouse management integration is best done through software programs, which gives accurate data synchronization with a variety of channels. This, in turn, means you can centralize and standardize all your inventory information. If you are working with many different shipment and trucking companies that use various forms and systems, you already know how important the right software is. Always invest in a warehouse management software solution that can give you unique customization features and outstanding quality control options. This is one case where “invest in the best” will pay dividends quickly. Your Fishbowl consultant can be an invaluable partner in this important tradition.

The Stackable Shelf Bin.

Sometimes you have to wonder what warehouses did before the stackable shelf bin came along. Today they are ubiquitous in the warehousing industry, but not too long ago warehouse management had to rely on a variety of makeshift stratagems to optimize the use of storage space, especially when going vertical. A quality stackable shelf bin, is strong enough to handle being stacked vertically up to three or four stories if need be. And the smaller variety can be used on desks or shelves for smaller items that are in high demand. They should be used for storing printed tags and transportation invoices as well! Versatility is their middle name!

There you have it; four warehouse traditions that just keep getting better and more efficient the longer they’re around. If you suspect you’re not using any of these techniques to best advantage, consult with your Fishbowl expert — they’re always happy to give you the benefit of their own inventory and warehouse experience!