Manufacturing inventory software is the name of the game when you want efficiency, stability, and a healthy ROI. As any Fishbowl expert can tell you, inventory control and inventory management, not to mention warehouse management, depend on the right software solution being in place and used to maximum effect by a well-trained staff.

Make sure your software can do all of the following, and do it right:

  1. Track shipments automatically, then send your customer an email/text that includes the ETA for their shipments.
  2. Track production processes in order to discover any areas that need improvement, like materials being wasted and production/movement slowdowns.
  3. Real time updating of inventory numbers so you are always informed of what is currently in stock and what needs reordering.
  4. Diagram out your warehouse space(s) to know the exact location of each part and product, with the accompanying shelf and bin numbers.
  5. Use mobile devices that will scan inventory inside and outside your warehouse facility; this is key to preventing data entry errors.
  6. Be kept informed of the condition of products during each stage of the production operation.
  7. Systematize your procedures, such as ordering, receiving, packing, picking, and especially shipping operations for increased efficiency and to help employees become more effective.
  8. Integrated account and inventory software that eliminates any danger of double-data entry or mismatched records.
  9. Produce automatic reorder points for all of your products and parts; this will prevent them from running out just when you need them.
  10. Produce multi-level work orders as well as bills of material when the job requires more than one step to fulfill.

If you feel your software is letting you down in any of the above areas, check with your inventory expert at Brandow Consulting; they’re always glad to make warehouse management less of a burden and more of a breeze!