If we asked you today, How well are you tracking and managing your sales orders? did you just get a knot in your stomach? A lump in your throat? If you did, you need to get familiar with Fishbowl’s Sales Order module.

Being able to manage your sales is, as you know, the key to a healthy bottom line and providing your customers with a great experience. Fishbowl’s dynamic Sales Order module makes it easy to generate and fulfill:

  • Sales orders
  • Credit returns
  • Dropship orders

…AND receive payments, create invoices, edit sales orders, and set discounts.

Power to Search a Status

In an easy interface, you can quickly search the following order statuses:

  • All
  • All Open
  • Estimate
  • Issued
  • In Progress
  • Fulfilled
  • Closed Short
  • Voided
  • Expired

And once you’ve clicked on a sales order, you’re able to do a detail deep dive to see general info about the customer, billing, shipping, and products ordered, as well as more detailed info showing shipping and payment terms, package weight, and the carrier. As always with Fishbowl, you can customize fields too to include any other information you need.

And, finally, Fishbowl provides shortcuts for easy access to the things you need most when tracking your sales orders, including:

  • New
  • Issue
  • Save
  • Close Short
  • Payment
  • Invoice
  • SO to PO
  • Inventory
  • Quick Fulfill
  • UPS Rates
  • To Pick
  • History
  • Duplicate

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