All of Fishbowl’s integrations with other business solutions can be found on their webpage in great detail. The website includes but is not limited to online software and desktop apps. There is also hardware and an operating system which is easily compatible with Fishbowl systems. The website features a separate page for plugins featuring nearly two dozen answers to integrating questions for Fishbowl and can be considered as complete plugins for the software as well.

Is there, then, much of a difference between a Fishbowl integration and plugin? Here’s the answer:

For starters, the Fishbowl plugin becomes the built-in integration as part of Fishbowl software. So in that sense, it really doesn’t need installation but can easily be activated instead. The integration is really a connection to any number of outside solutions that may not be associated initially with Fishbowl interfaces. To put it another way, the solution manufacturers don’t build in integrations; instead, a third party engineering team, such as Brandow Consulting, will handle those solutions through the opening of an API. 

It’s not that tricky. Just remember that while a plugin is always an integration, an integration is not always a plugin.

The majority of plugins become activated into modules using Fishbowl’s interface software after being purchased from Fishbowl. That means Fishbowl possesses quite a few modules in inactive mode, which are called plugins. These can be activated at any moment by organizations who want to take full advantage of the more advanced apps available. Fishbowl can automatically receive and transfer data without any modifications needed.

Fishbowl Plugins

This is a complete list of built-in Fishbowl plugins:

Zencart; Xero; X-Cart; WooCommerce; Volusion; UPS; Solidworks; Shopify; ShipStation; QuickBooks online; Magento; LemonStand; Fishbowl Time & Labor; Fishbowl Go; Fishbowl Anywhere; Fishbowl Commerce; Fishbowl in Forecast Module; Fishbowl in Sales Data Module; Dropbox; eBay; Big Commerce; Avalara; 3dcart; and Amazon.

Fishbowl Integrations

Integrations connecting via the API include the following:

Wasp Barcode; Zebra; USPS; Unitech; SPS Commerce; Symbol; ShipWorks; Lily Pad; QuickBooks Canada; Beep 1; Cfish; Gfish; QuickBooks Payments; Reckon; Ontrac; Highjump Software; Fedex; Dropbox; Endicia; and DHL.

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