Earlier in our blog, we wrote about the top 6 must-haves that manufacturers need from an MRP software solution to be at their best. Well, the people at Software Connect, the same people who provided the research for the manufacturers, have now unveiled the 2018 Warehouse Management Buyer Trend report.

For the warehouse management software (WMS) seekers of the world, we’ll make this so easy for you: here are the top 4 reasons people need a great WMS, according to people needing a great WMS. (Their research came from thousands of WMS buyers who “have a high order velocity and want to optimize inventory movement.” Their words, not ours.)

Reason #1: Need More or Better Features

Business and life are just better when you have the tools you need to succeed. It’s no wonder needing better features in a warehouse management software is at the top of the wish-list. And, honestly, as the king of inventory and warehouse management software, Fishbowl has every inventory feature you need. Go on, check out those features here.

Reason #2: Replace a Dated System

This sorta feels to us like the same thing as #1, but we’ll roll with it. How can you possibly be keeping up with your global clientele’s needs and outperforming your competition with an old, defunct WMS?

The great thing about Fishbowl is it’s the always customizable, always scalable solution to keep your warehouse optimally pumping for years to come. No need to buy or learn new software every couple of years.

Reason #3: Automate Existing Processes

We talk a lot on here about a warehouse’s inventory automation and the role it plays in keeping your business healthy. And we’re going to keep talking about it because it’s really, really important if you want to accurately forecast and give your customers the inventory they want when they want it.

Fishbowl is the world’s premier warehouse and inventory automation platform, packed full with helpful and insightful tools that automatically track and manage all sorts of business processes.

Reason #4: Need Better Integration with Another System

The ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing business software is a defining characteristic of a great WMS. Fishbowl does just that with integrations for Quickbooks, Amazon, FedEx, Salesforce and a whole lot more. See the full list of integrations here.

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