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Proven Approach to Software Consulting: 5 Steps

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At Brandow Consulting our approach to inventory software is different than most. While many support technicians provide reactionary assistance to problems as they happen, we prefer to take a proactive approach. Our goal is to ensure that your inventory system is running and planned as efficiently as possible and that everyone on your team has adequate knowledge and training to manage it properly. That way, you will circumvent potential errors or issues from sprouting up, and instead utilize the warehouse management system to it’s full potential.

Since 2006. we have developed four or five major steps to help every business accomplish this.

Step 1: Inventory Software Infrastructure

If you are using a desktop app, our first step will be to help you establish a working IT infrastructure. This includes ensuring that all devices/scanners are connected and functioning properly as well as determining whether the server is hosted or localized. If you are not using a desktop app, then this step will not apply to you.

Step 2: Warehouse Management Sandbox

The next step that we take with all businesses is setting up a sandbox environment to practice using the inventory system. The reason this step is essential is because it allows you the chance to play around with the software app, test it’s boundaries, and even make mistakes without worrying about potential ramifications. There are two aspects to the software: the inventory side as well as the accounting side, which we will create a copy of in order to train and practice on how to best make use of it. Afterwards we will include the existing data such as customers, vendors parts, etc.

Step 3: Designing an IMS Workflow

Step three entails creating a roadmap of the workflow and designing it to fit the specific needs and considerations of your business operation in conjunction with the inventory software system. This is the stage where you begin to make decisions about how to put the software management system into use. We do this by creating a summary of the way that the ideal workflow should look like, and then practice, record and improve upon it within the sandbox.

Once this general outline has been developed to satisfaction, we will begin to help you create and document the specific procedures necessary to sustain the operation. Throughout this process we help you assign the roles and responsibilities to each task so that all specific processes are accounted for. This is the point at which we would look into creating custom reports or labels, as well as discover whether or not certain integrations or tweaks need to be made to better accommodate your workflow.

Step 4: Training your Inventory Management Software Users

Training is the next stage, and the best time to begin is once every prior step has been sufficiently completed and addressed. That way, we have a specific plan of what to train for, and everyone will be able to know exactly what their role will be in order to make the overall workflow picture work as intended. This training will take place in the safety of the sandbox environment so that there is room for trial and error, ensuring that everyone involved will be comfortable with the warehouse management system and how it integrates with the rest of the business process before the launch date.

Step 5: Going Live with the Warehouse Management Software

The final step is to go live with the software management system, which takes place after training has been adequately provided to all of the team members. Our goal with the go live date is to make sure that it is a smooth transition and that all involved are already familiar with the software enough to use it just as they had during the training. Typically after taking the previous steps, the go live date is a simple and straightforward transition from the sandbox to the official operation so long as everyone has done their part. We will help you import all of the relevant live data from the sandbox and connect it all to the live QuickBooks account, and adjust the balance levels to match the inventory software. With all that out of the way, you are ready to begin performing live transactions.

This is the process we have taken with clients for years, and are consistently impressed with the results. If you are trying to implement your software but aren’t sure what the best approach is, then sign up with us and we will walk you through the process to ensure your software implementation is successful.